Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

Kitchen remodeling El Paso TX & bathroom renovations can add major wow-factor to your home and improve your lifestyle. Whether you simply want a few minor updates or are looking for a contractor to perform a complete overhaul, we can help. Our partners are true professionals who can help make your dream project a reality.

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling El Paso TX Services

Got a kitchen remodeling idea youd like to bring to life? A professional contractor will listen closely to your goals and needs to ensure your project is everything you hope for. Transforming your whole space can be an easy process when you work with the right team. Choose a full expansion or overhaul if you need to move walls and cabinets to create the lavish open floor plan youve always wanted. With comprehensive kitchen remodeling, you can make the most out of the space you have and improve your rooms functionality, so cooking is more enjoyable and efficient. Our El Paso TX partner contractors can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Conservative Kitchen Remodeling El Paso TX Services

If youd simply like to update the look and feel of your existing space, without performing major construction, there are many basic updates to choose from.

New Cabinets: Update your cabinets in a style and finish of your choosing, increase your storage space, or add an island for an additional workspace with ease. 

Refacing: Not sure if new cabinets are in your budget? Ask about affordable cabinet lines or refacing.

Lighting: Whether youre a culinary genius or simply want to improve the warmth of your room, updating the lighting is sure to do the trick. Lots of newer eco-conscious options are available, so you can save on your electric bill too. 

Plumbing: Fresh fixtures can completely change the look of your space, but its also important to change them out regularly to ensure theyre in proper working order, especially if your home has hard water. 

Sinks: Your sink is one of the most-used items in the entire room and older sinks can look worn out or even pose risks with leaks. Whether you want a sleek and modern stainless sink, rugged and durable cast iron, or versatile and trendy farmhouse sink, professional installation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the look and longevity of your investment. 

Counters: Although countertops are generally handled alongside cabinet replacements or refacing, you can update them at any time. Granite, butcher block, marble, quartz, and concrete are all popular choices. You can also opt for laminate, which tends to be more affordable and can take on the look of your favorite materials.

Kitchen Remodeling El Paso TX Services Before You Sell Your Home

If youre considering selling your home, one of the best spaces to update is your kitchen. Potential buyers absolutely delight in even minor changes, such as updated counters, cabinets, faucets, and appliances. However, its important to be especially mindful of costs when youre doing updates with the hope of improving the market value of your home or getting it to move faster. You often wont recoup the expenses of lavish or custom upgrades, and if your revamp makes your home more expensive than others in the neighborhood, it wont move as fast. The good news is that when you work with professional kitchen remodeling contractors, they tend to have a keen eye for ROI. Be sure to let your contractor know why youre doing updates, so you can work together to create a solid plan that meets your personal goals.

Bathroom Updates

Kitchen remodeling professionals are often experts when it comes to upgrading bathrooms too. We can connect you with an expert in your area who can handle everything from major overhauls to basic updates.

  • Bathtubs and Showers
  • Toilets
  • Counters
  • Cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Fixtures
  • Sinks

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Expert

No matter what the size and scope of your project is, our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners are available to help. Contact us today at (915) 301-9551 to see how our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners can help.

New Kitchen Builds

Need to have a whole new kitchen built from scratch? Whether your project is part of a large home renovation or youre recovering from a disaster, such as flood or fire, our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners can help you create a new kitchen you can be proud of. Be involved as much or as little as you like- from the early design phase all the way through selecting just the right finishing touches for your new dream space or just let the experts do what they do best.

Design Your New Kitchen

Every new kitchen design will be a little different, as each household uses the space in a unique way. For many, its a hub of family activity or a place to assemble during get togethers. Others dream of a functional space fit for a gourmand, a basic and low-maintenance setup, or an eco-friendly design. You can add lavish touches such as stainless steel appliances, tile floors, granite countertops, and climate-controlled wine racks, or focus on functionality with dedicated work stations, a layout designed for ease-of-use, and storage for all your cookware. When you start with a new kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

Build Your Dream Kitchen Now

A new kitchen can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to construct, depending on your local codes and the items you choose. When you have an idea of what you want, work with an experienced kitchen remodeling El Paso TX contractor to perfect your layout and choose the right brands and coordinating finishes. Be sure to take advantage of your builders knowledge and express what youre trying to create or what problems youve had with kitchens in the past, so they can help you come up with solutions and ideas. To get started with your new kitchen design and build, contact our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners today.

Home Renovation

Although theyre considered kitchen remodeling experts, our partners can tackle many different types of home renovation tasks. Whether you need to adapt what you have to create extra space, make the existing space more suitable for how you use it, or are considering a total overhaul of your interior, an experienced home renovation pro will walk you through the process from start to finish. This generally includes design, permits (when necessary), locating the right materials, and assembling a team of experts who can handle tasks that require advanced training and education, such as plumbing, electrical work, and drywall.  

Home Renovation: Beyond the Kitchen

Bathrooms: Not everyone who specializes in home renovation is familiar with plumbing, which is one of the reasons why those who routinely work on kitchens are also generally good with bathrooms. Moreover, many of the other components are the same, such as countertops and cabinets, as well as electrical needs and lighting.

Garages: When you need to improve your garages storage situation, adding cabinets and shelving is an easy way to restore order. Although this type of home renovation is not as involved as other areas because you arent typically dealing with moving walls, plumbing, or electricity, professional installation and quality materials will add to the durability and longevity of your investment.

Additions: If youre starting to feel like youve outgrown your home, an addition can make it possible to remain comfortable in your existing house.  Some of the most common additions include bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and building extra space into kitchens.

Renovate Kitchen: Pro Tips

If renovate kitchen is on your to-do list, we can help. Our partners understand what its like to renovate kitchen designs; full floor plans, cabinets, hardware, plumbing, electrical, and more. From the early planning through completion of your project, a good contractor will walk you through the process, but keep the following tips in mind as you go, so you have an idea of thats ahead.

Plan to spend somewhere between 10-15% of the value of your home if youre doing an overhaul. Most people who give their space a facelift by doing things such as repainting and refacing spend just over $10,000, but those who get more involved can easily spend more than $30,000.

If youre moving soon, focus on things that will give you more return on your investment. This may not be the time to renovate kitchen floorplans or replace big ticket items unless yours are broken or seriously outdated. However, people do notice things like cabinets, counters, sinks, and appliances. In these cases, youll want to make sure that the changes you make wont cause the price of your home to skyrocket over others in the neighborhood.

If youre staying, focus on what makes you happiest. For most people, its the little upgrades that make them happiest in the long run. If you cook a lot, anything that makes your job easier, be it storage upgrades like lazy susans or having the counter adapted to your height, is the best place to invest.

If you choose to renovate kitchen cabinets, expect this to take the lions share of your budget. On average, people spend about 30% of their budgets on the cabinets, so when you begin gathering ideas and designing, start there, so you know what kind of budget you have left for other things. Generally speaking, you should also plan to set aside 20-25% of your budget for labor costs as well. Knowing these two figures in advance, and being mindful of them as you design, will make sure you wrap up your project on budget. For more information, please contact our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners.

Kitchen Interior Design

There are many options when it comes to kitchen interior design, so narrowing down your choices when it comes to the layout should be your first step.

Kitchen Interior Design Layouts

If your kitchen remodeling project involves moving walls and cabinets, youll likely be able to choose the footprint of the space.

U-Shaped: Most family-sized homes have a setup that looks like the letter U. This design makes it very easy for one person to move in the triangle from the refrigerator, to the stove, to the sink, and allows for distinct zones to be established in terms of prep, food storage, cookware storage, and dinnerware storage.

G-Shaped: While some people place an island amid their shape, the G adds a versatile inlet. Many use the extra space for counter-side seating, which can be helpful if you entertain or have children. The extra storage space below is a boon as well, particularly if youre prone to buying extra gadgets.

L-Shaped: Oftentimes, the L shape is chosen to make a floorplan more open, particularly if its an eat-in kitchen. Kitchen interior design for the L kitchen often centers around maximizing storage, perhaps by adding full-length pantry cabinets or an island.

Galley: The galley style is like a hallway, with cabinets and appliances on two opposite sides. This is seen in many older homes and in places where space is at a premium. Storage is still a concern in this shape, as is lighting and having enough space between the two rows.

One-Wall: Kitchen interior design on one-wall spaces can be particularly challenging, simply because everything is placed in a tiny footprint, with no opportunity to create a triangle. On the bright side, one-wall setups usually only make an appearance in small apartments or homes suited for one or two people. In these cases, you can select smaller appliances and create dual-purpose work zones to make the most of the space.

Kitchen Refacing

Many people turn to kitchen refacing as an alternative to a full kitchen remodeling project. In this process, just the fronts of the cabinets are updated, offering the equivalent of a face lift for your space.

3 Types of Kitchen Refacing

  1. Replacement: In most cases, the entire fronts of cabinets and drawers are totally replaced with new fronts.
  2. Laminate Coating: Laminate can also be added to the fronts of cabinets to make the old look newer.
  3. Refinishing: If you have solid wood, you may also opt to have the units sanded down and refinished or painted as a third type of kitchen refacing.

Is Kitchen Refacing Right for You?

If your cabinets are broken, probably not. Kitchen refacing generally only deals with the aesthetic aspects, which means if you need to have repairs done because of cracks or non-working hardware, you may be better off replacing.

If the interiors need updating, you may want to go new as well. A kitchen remodeling pro can refinish or coat the interiors of cabinets to make them look new again, but this adds to the overall expense. If you find yourself adding on lots of extra work with kitchen refacing, new might be a less expensive option.

If your cabinets are totally functional and useful, but you want to update your look, kitchen refacing is a good choice. It can allow you to modernize the look of your space, change up your color scheme, and hide minor blemishes.

If you want a quick and affordable update, yes. In many cases, kitchen refacing is far less expensive than new cabinets and can be done in weeks, start to finish. When replacements are done instead, especially custom options, just waiting on the pieces can take weeks or months. Contact us today at (915) 301-9551 to see how our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners can help.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Our goal is to make your next project as simple as possible by connecting you with the very best kitchen remodeling contractors in the area. Our partners are dedicated pros who understand the ins and outs of the process, the government regulations that must be taken into consideration, and how to make your space uniquely you- everything you hope it will be. If youre comparing a few kitchen remodeling contractors, here are a few things you should look for.

Completeness in a Bid

You may work with several kitchen remodeling contractors or just one, but regardless, you should expect to see a written statement explaining all anticipated expenses. Look for itemized things, such as hardware and labor. If you talk to more than one professional, be sure youre comparing bids line by line; apples to apples, and remember, the lowest bid may not be saving you money in the end if the job isnt done right.

Face-to-Face Meeting

Local kitchen remodeling contractors should insist on meeting you before giving you any kind of estimate. We know you want to know costs up front, but every home is different and will have unique challenges. A good contractor will not only want to meet with you to discuss your needs, but will want to visit your home, take measurements, and check out the structure itself. Without this crucial step, youre likely to wind up with surprise costs later.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Reputation

Before you sign any agreements, always look into the reputation of the professional youre considering. Check places like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or even try Googling the company and representatives name and phone number. Every company will have a flop now and again, but a pattern should emerge when youre reading reviews. Contact us today at (915) 301-9551 to see how our kitchen remodeling El Paso TX partners can help.

Home & Bathroom Remodeling

Home remodeling is a serious undertaking and if you are interested in adding livable space to your home, renovating it for rental, or you need to install a handicapped bathroom to help take care of yourself or someone you love, our team is here to support you.

Bathroom Remodeling in El Paso, TX

Bathroom remodeling can take your old, dated bathroom and make it an oasis inside your home. Bathrooms need to not only be beautiful and picturesque, but functional and efficient. Our bathroom remodeling in El Paso, TX will help you walk that line and get the bathroom you’ve always wanted on your budget.

Handicapped Bathrooms in El Paso, TX

Handicapped bathrooms help with daily tasks that keep you safe, independent, and healthy. There are special considerations, regulations, and rules to follow when designing handicapped bathrooms in El Paso, TX. Our team is well-versed on these requirements and can help you fit them into your home.

Rock Wall Construction

Rock walls are a great addition to any home, and if you look around your neighborhood, you may notice that more and more people are getting them. Why is that? They are a beautiful addition to any yard and can serve functional purposes as well. When done correctly, rock wall construction lasts a long time and stands up against weather and wear for decades. With the right company, you don’t even need to worry about rock wall maintenance all that often.

Rock Wall Installation in El Paso, TX

Rock wall installation in El Paso, TX can improve the overall appearance of your yard and even increase functionality. Our team will meet with you to get a good idea about what you need from your rock wall, whether it will serve a functional purpose or it will be part of your curb appeal. From there, we can design, install, and even maintain your rock wall.

Rock Wall Repair in El Paso, TX

Rock wall repair in El Paso, TX requires experience not only with installation and construction techniques, but the best tools and skills to save your rock wall and keep its integrity. With the wrong company, you will have problems again. Our company can help with rock wall repair that lasts.

Retaining Wall Contractor in El Paso, TX

Need a retaining wall contractor in El Paso, TX or the surrounding area? Our team has the experience, tools, and professionalism to get the job done quickly. When it comes to retaining walls, you need someone who knows what they are doing: these walls have to be perfectly constructed to do their job properly. To find out more information about our retaining wall contracting team or to schedule a consultation, call us today.

Retaining Wall Construction in El Paso, TX

Retaining wall construction in El Paso, TX is more than just putting up a rock wall that is going to look pretty. It requires the skills and experience necessary to design and install a wall that will stand up against the ever changing weather conditions in Texas, the harsh soil conditions, and the needs of your family. Our team meets with you to design a retaining wall that is beautiful, functional, and strong.

Retaining Wall Installation in El Paso, TX

Retaining walls do more than just look pretty in your yard: they serve a purpose. Retaining wall installation in El Paso, TX requires knowledge about the best practices and materials that stand up to our climate, soils, and stressors. Our retaining wall contractors know just what to do and use.

Retaining Wall Repair in El Paso, TX

If you need retaining wall repair in El Paso, TX, it is important to act quickly. Retaining walls have an important job to do when they keep your property safe from erosion. When there is a crack or a section that has collapsed, the force on the rest of the wall can cause complete failure. If you need one of the best retaining wall repair contractors in El Paso, TX, call us today.

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