A beautiful rock wall in your El Paso backyard can do wonders for your livable space, mood, home value, curb appeal, and more. Retaining walls and rock walls do far more than just add aesthetic appeal to your home, they are functional pieces of art that serve a purpose. They can give you usable space, protect from erosion, help with drainage, and more.

When looking for a rock wall installation company in El Paso, Texas, you need to think about many different elements. We can connect you to one of the best rock wall companies in the area, a team who has the experience and technical expertise to give you a beautiful final product that lasts a long time.

El Paso Rock Wall Installation For Drainage

If you live in an area that has a lot of pooling water, or just has trouble draining rain, you might think that you cannot have a rock wall in your El Paso backyard – that isn’t true! When a rock wall is installed properly, it can actually help to prevent further damage from flooding, help direct water to the drainage areas, and even serve as a drainage option.

We can connect you to a company that uses at least 12” of crushed rock and a drainage pipe that helps the wall stand tall throughout the different seasons and changing weather conditions we face. Whether there are downpours and torrential rains or no rain for weeks at a time, the pressure and weight on the wall will stay the same.

Split Face Stone Rock Walls

One of the most popular types of rock wall installations in El Paso is a split face stone rock wall installation. These walls are lightweight, easy to install, and will help you stick to a budget in your backyard construction project. These walls work in a lip system that layers the rocks over each other.

The results? A longer lasting stone wall. 

If you are interested in split face rock wall installation, contact us today. We will connect you to the best installation team in the area that can bring your vision to reality.

Concrete Rock Wall Installation

Another popular choice for rock wall installation in El Paso, TX is to use concrete masonry units (CMUs) to build a retaining wall. These walls are extremely thick and durable, standing the test of time. They may stand by themselves or they may have a veneer over the top to add style to the wall.

If you are going to use this area for entertaining, or you need to have a series of walls installed up the side of a mountain or hill, for example, a concrete rock wall installation is probably best.

This type of rock wall installation takes a lot of time because it requires a cement footing, rebar, mortar, a cap, and then some kind of covering in many instances. You can also keep the pure concrete for a minimalist look.

This rock wall installation process is a bit more labor intensive than other options, but it is a permanent solution that will give you years of usable space. If you are interested in a rock wall installation company in El Paso, Texas, contact us today for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

Contact Us Today For Rock Wall Installation In El Paso, TX

If you are looking to get a new rock wall installed in your El Paso, TX backyard, contact us today. We can help connect you to a company that will work with you and your property throughout the entire process. They will design the wall so that it meets your needs, install it using the best practices and tools available, and then perform maintenance when you need it. 

When it comes to installing something in your yard, you need to contact the best contractor for rock wall installation in El Paso, Texas. To talk to that team and company, contact us today for more information and to schedule a free consultation for the job.